El Solitario x Yamaha Custom XJR1300 'Big Bad Wolf'

Yamaha has teamed up with Spanish motorcycle customhouse El Solitario, reinventing the Yamaha XJR1300 to unveil the ‘Big Bad Wolf.’ The new model was revealed for the first time at the Glemseck 101 show in Germany in September, joining the 1/8 mile race track to defeat the reigning champions of Lucky Cat Garage. Although El Solitario’s David Loner admitted that the project was a challenge, with the customhouse being unfamiliar with 4 cylinder bikes, they took on the project with an open mind and prevailed with a focus on the bike’s performance and technology. The end result is the ‘Big Bad Wolf,’ entirely custom made “with the exception of the frame, the tank, the handlebars and the rear light, reducing the wet weight to just 183kg.” Check out the short film released by Yamaha on the El Solitario x Yamaha Custom XJR1300 ‘Big Bad Wolf’ above.