STAR WARS FANS! Hot Wheels Pays Homage to 'Star Wars' With Its Darth Vader Car

As one of the most iconic characters in film history, Star Wars‘ Darth Vader has inspired no small amount of artistic pursuits. Childhood fixture Hot Wheels is the latest to join this long lineage with its distinctive Darth Vader Car, which translates and elongates the antagonist’s helmet into a life-sized car based on the toy of the same design. Here, Jay Leno invites its designer, Bryan Benedict, and builder Billy Hammon to his garage in his eponymous car show Jay Leno’s Garage to walk through the entire process of constructing the automotive film tribute, before taking it out on the streets of Hollywood for a spin. Leno likens it to the feel of an “evil Corvette,” although the one-off, two-seater prototype’s performance is certainly not the attribute that is turning heads. Watch the episode above.