POW!WOW! PORTRAIT: Summer Camp for Artists with @the_hula & @jatecson

Summer camp vibes strong, we joined photographer Ja Tecson as he documented the process behind muralist Sean “Hula” Yoro. From brushstrokes to backstrokes, there may have been no Eddie, but the pair were certainly making waves.

Once a year, amid the constant ebb and flow of the Pacific, the International art community trickles into Honolulu for POW! WOW!. A week-long event spanning gallery shows, mural projects, live art, and lectures series - the festival has put Hawaii on the map for its splashing art scene. This year in attendance were Ja and Hula.

Having grown up on the island, for Hula, Hawaii’s natural landscape was an evident source of inspiration. With his “Water Series” he weaves his murals into aquatic environments. Sadly, just as oil and water don’t mix, sunlight and oil paints aren’t the best of pairings either. As such, photography has become a key part of Sean’s creative process. Enter Ja - photographer and localist, who captures Hula’s murals at their peak.