'Watch Dogs 2' Will Let You Hack the Bay Area

Though the game may have faltered on a couple of fronts, 2014′s Watch Dogs offered up one of the more unique gaming premises out there thanks to the player’s ability to hack just about anything across a faithful recreation of Chicago — there’s a reason the game’s sales passed the 10 million unit mark before the end of the calendar year. So, naturally, Ubisoft is back with a followup and, this time, it offers a whole new setting and cast of characters. Appropriately set in the tech hub that is the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch Dogs 2 stars newcomer Marcus Holloway. A wrongful victim of ctOS 2.0′s crime prediction algorithm, the Oakland native — skilled in hacking, parkour and combat alike — joins up with underground hacker group Dedsec to take on the corrupt establishment and end its tech-led oppression and control of the Bay Area’s citizens. And if you liked the original, you’ll no doubt love Watch Dogs 2: Ubisoft is promising even more hacking flexibility this time around while players will have a bevy of new tools at their disposal — including a quadcopter drone, RC car and 3D-printed weaponry.

Check out Ubisoft’s introduction to the game below and look for Watch Dogs 2 to launch November 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.