Siargao Chronicles Day 7 & 8: Stunning Siargao

VLOG 121

Siargao Accident

This is the part of the trip where everything goes south. I get into a motorcycle accident on the night before and I give you guys a look at the damage. The guys head back home on this episode too.

Then the next few days my best friend (a.k.a. Captain Jesus) fly's in after his busy schedule of becoming a pilot also not a stranger to the vlog.

WE NEED YOUR HELP - I'm re-sharing this for my buddy Pao. He's going through a tough start of the year, him needing another round of chemo and operations. We're all with him on this one and I hope if you're the awesome person that I think you are and can share this link on your facebook: or better yet if you are a very kind and gracious human being and want +1 Karma points in life please donate to his GO FUND ME PAGE.



(Just a heads up, the vlogs are currently back logged to the year 2016 so the next series of videos will be me trying to catch up with a year of edits.)

Back in Siargao for the holidays.